Top 10 Cheap Things To Buy & Do The Next Time You're In JB

Why Singaporeans should consider an Irish Domiciled S&P 500

Why Singaporeans should consider an Irish Domiciled S&P 500

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Singapore is renowned for being an expensive city, especially when compared to its Southeast Asia counterparts. With rising inflation and tax hikes, it can be all the more difficult to manage your finances and stretch your dollar in this metropolis.

However, there are still ways to save money if you set your eyes across the Causeway. Due to the depreciating ringgit against the dollar as well as close proximity to our country, Malaysia is a great haven for Singaporeans to reduce their expenses on everyday items. From clothes to electronic goods, you can find almost anything you’re looking for at a fraction of the price.

Here are the top ten things to buy and activities to do in Johor Bahru (JB) the next time you cross the Causeway!

1. Book your own private vehicle

Before you can get to your destination, you need a car to zip around the city. Transportation is much cheaper in Malaysia, with private hire vehicles going for roughly RM12 per ride for a 4km-long journey

Simply download the Grab app on your mobile phone and book a ride without having to figure out the public transport system or hailing a cab on the street.

Price in JB vs Singapore: RM12 (~S$3.70) vs S$19.80 for a 4km ride (with surge pricing)

2. Find your way out of the Escape Room

Never played Escape Room before? Now’s your chance to try it in JB for cheap! You and the other players will be locked in a room with various clues. To get out, use these clues to solve a series of puzzles and escape the room within a set time limit. Hurry up, the clock is ticking!

Escape Rooms to consider include LOST in JB (The Haunted House) at Jalan Sutera Tanjung and The Escaper at Jalan Austin Heights.

Price of Escape Room in JB vs Singapore: RM88 (~S$26.97) vs S$35 per person

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3. Score a strike at the bowling lanes

Searching for things to do in JB? Why not go bowling, where you can burn some calories and work up a sweat while having fun with friends? Bowling is great for people of all ages and skill levels so everyone can join in the game.

Unlike other activities, it’s relatively easy to learn the basics of bowling, so you can still have a good time even if you’re not an experienced player. Most bowling alleys also have a lounge area to enjoy a drink or conversation after your game.

Nearby bowling alleys to consider include Lite SuperBowl JB 2 at Pelangi Leisure Mall, Angsana Bowling at Plaza Angsana, and Daiman Bowl at Taman Johor Jaya.

Price in JB vs Singapore: RM5.50 (~S$1.70) to RM8 (~S$2.47) vs S$2.50 to S$4.30 per person per game

4. Belt it out at the karaoke rooms

There’s nothing quite like belting out your favourite tunes at the top of your lungs. And there’s no better place to do it than at one of the many karaoke rooms that dot the city. At these karaoke rooms, you can easily choose from a wide selection of songs–English, Mandarin, Korean, you name it, they have it!

Grab some friends, grab a mic, and get ready to sing your heart out. It’s time to let loose and have fun at the different karaoke rooms like Queen Karaoke City Square JB at City Square Mall and The Rhythm in Mount Austin!

Price in JB vs Singapore: From RM8 (~S$2.47) vs $13.50 for 3 hours per person

5. Go café- and restaurant-hopping for cheap JB food

After all those exciting things you’ve done in jb, it’s time to fill your hungry stomach! Feast like kings and queens at JB’s plethora of cafes and restaurants. Head over to one of the many popular cafes for a refreshing cup of tea and a satisfying lunch, such as Keijometo at Taman Melodies and A Bread & Coffee Place at Taman Pelangi.

Enjoy a delicious seafood dinner at one of JB’s restaurants in the evening, such as Yi Jia Seafood Sdn. Bhd at Taman Bukit Indah or San Low Seafood at Taman Pelangi. From fishes to prawns, seafood is definitely cheaper in Malaysia.

Price in JB vs Singapore: Chilli crab for RM8 (~S$2.45) per 100g vs S$10 per 100g

6. Fill up your grocery cart

Let’s face it: grocery shopping is not always the most exciting thing to do in JB. But the best reason to make the trip to the store in Malaysia–you can stretch your food budget way further.

We recommend you stock up on dried goods, canned food, and milk powder because these can be kept for extended periods of time. Pro-tip, avoid impulse purchases that can add up quickly by planning your meals in advance and making a list before you go shopping.

Try out Lotus at KSL City Mall or Giant Hypermarket in Leisure Mall.

Price in JB vs Singapore:

  • RM12 (~S$3.68) vs S$7 for a tray of 30 eggs

  • RM84.50 (~S$26.04) vs S$59.90 for a tin of 850g Abbott Similac Infant Milk Formula

7. Stock up on drugstore items

Don’t skimp on your beauty routine! JB is home to a number of great drugstores that stock all of the essentials, such as make-up, skincare, and even medicine. From Revlon to L’Oreal, there’s no shortage of quality brands available at affordable prices.

Be sure to head to a certified, legitimate drugstore to avoid any counterfeit goods. Trusty ol’ Watsons and Guardian inside the shopping malls should be safe.

Price in JB vs Singapore:

  • RM24.99 (~S$7.66) vs S$8.50 for a 2-pack Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Fresh Cool Mint Toothpaste

  • RM55 (~S$16.86) vs S$18.99 for a Revlon Color Stay Skin Awaken 5-In-1 Concealer,

  • RM46.50 (~S$14.25) vs S$25.20 for Scotts Multivitamin Gummies Mango 60’s

8. Get clearer vision with new glasses and contact lenses

If you’re still using your old glasses from many years ago, a pair of new spectacles can be a godsend. Get your eyes checked by the optometry such as Eyesmate Optometrist in City Square Mall or Flexzoom Optometrist Sdn Bhd in Taman Johor Jaya. You can even order your products online via Facebook or WhatsApp and pick them up the next time you cross the Causeway!

Price in JB vs Singapore: RM65 (~S$20.03) vs S$30 for a box of six monthly contact lenses

9. Pamper yourself with spas, massages, and hair treatments

After all your shopping and exciting things to do, cap off your JB night with a relaxing spa, massage, and/or hair treatment. Rub off those knots and knead away the aches after a long day. Whether you choose a luxurious massage or a simple hair spa, taking some time for yourself will help you to recharge and be ready for the leg of JB adventures. So Bangkok Spa at Taman Pelangi and Studio M KSL at KSL City are worth a shot. Go ahead and book that appointment–your tired body will thank you for it!

Price in JB vs Singapore:

  • RM62 (~S$19.11) vs S$65 for a 1h-long massage

  • RM90 (~S$27.28) vs S$50 for a Wash & Cut (Female)

10. Take care of your car

If you drive, your car needs some TLC too! Taking care of your car isn’t just about making sure there’s enough petrol in the tank. Why not consider a full car wash, oil changes, and tune-ups to check the tyres’ pressure at Bengkel Kereta Azaman Workshop at Taman Abad or Soon Fa Car Repair Centre at Kampung Muafakat? After all, it’s going to be your loyal companion on all those road trips and adventures in JB.

Price in JB vs Singapore: 97-grade fuel costs RM4 (~S$1.23) per litre vs S$3.47 a litre for 98-grade fuel in Singapore


For shoppers looking for a bargain, Malaysia is definitely the place to be. With JB home to numerous mega malls like City Square, KSL, and Aeon, you can definitely find many great discounts on all sorts of food as well as goods and services.

It’s also easy to make a day trip or even an overnight run to take advantage of the great deals. So, what are you waiting for? Time to cross the causeway and score cheap items and food as well as plan out the numerous fun things to do!