Earn A Quick Buck While Staying Healthy (LumiHealth, Healthy365 & More)

Whether you're a fitness fanatic or a newbie starting your health journey, earn rewards while burning calories with wellness programmes like LumiHealth.

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Wellness programmes in Singapore are revolutionising health journeys, where every step is not just a contribution to your well-being but also a step closer to exciting rewards and benefits.

Shed those calories while earning perks with LumiHealth, AIA Vitality, as well as different health challenges and programmes on the Healthy365 mobile app.

Healthy365 Mobile Application

Ever seen that retired uncle in your neighbourhood sporting the iconic fitness tracker by the Health Promotion Board (HPB)? Chances are, he’s taking part in the National Steps Challenge™ that is held over the Healthy365 mobile application – probably the most well-known fitness and wellness app by HPB in Singapore.

How Much Can You Earn From National Steps Challenge™

Here are the Healthpoints you can expect to earn:

Healthy365 points structure

Healthy365 benefits and realistic healthpoints

Plus, get a sign-up bonus of 80 Healthpoints when you sign up for National Steps Challenge™ and clock your first 1,000 steps in a day!

How Much Can You Earn From Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy Challenge

Other than the National Steps Challenge™, users can also participate in the Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy Challenge by purchasing food and other items with a Healthier Choice label. They can then scan the accompanying QR code in the receipt to earn stamps

With more HealthPoints accumulated from these challenges, users can convert them into rewards from F&B outlets, lifestyle retailers, malls, and supermarkets.

These are some prizes to look forward to:

  • 150 Healthpoints for S$1 TrabsitLink voucher

  • 750 Healthpoints for S$5 Fairprice eVoucher

  • 750 Healthpoints for S$5 HPB eVoucher (accepted at over 500 F&B stalls)

It’s also easy to monitor one’s fitness progress on the Healthy365 app under the “My Daily Progress” section. Easily track your daily physical activity and sleep duration with a compatible wearable and use the meal log tool to monitor your daily calorie intake.

Besides, Healthy365 also helps users discover programmes that contribute to their overall holistic health. For instance, there are various MOVE IT free exercise classes and health workshops around Singapore. Users can also enjoy access to informative resources and partner programmes to support their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

How to Sign Up for Challenges & Programmes on Healthy365

  1. Download Healthy365: This app has a minimum mobile phone OS requirement of Android Ver. 6 and iOS Ver. 10.

  2. Participate in different challenges and programmes: Sign up for the National Steps Challenge™, Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy, as well as the Live Well, Age Well programme on the app.


LumiHealth is a health programme designed by HPB, in partnership with Apple, to help Singaporeans lead healthier lives.

How Does LumiHealth Work

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With the belief that habits can result in success, LumiHealth uses technology and behavioural insights to offer a unique health and wellness experience. It offers multi-week Quests designed to simplify difficult health objectives into effortless daily tasks.

There are three different types of challenges to complete to earn LumiPoints:

  1. Activity: Users must “close” the move, stand, and exercise activity rings on the Apple watch.

  2. Wellness: Includes goals like improving sleep habits or managing stress using the Breathe app on the watch.

  3. Personalised: Gives users recommendations and reminders for health screenings, articles to read, and surveys to complete.

How Much Can You Earn From LumiHealth

And here’s the fun bit: these LumiPoints help Lu, a character, move forward towards different chapters in the game. Reaching milestones awards users with coins, which can be converted into HPB eVouchers. You can exchange them for prizes once you’ve earned at least 1,500 coins.

These are some prizes to look forward to:

  • 1,500 coins for $5 HPB eVoucher

  • 3,000 coins for $5 HPB eVoucher

How to Sign Up for LumiHealth

  1. Check your eligibility: This programme is available for residents in Singapore aged 15 or older with a Singpass account.

  2. Download and sign up: Download the LumiHealth app from the App Store and log in using your Singpass.

  3. Pair your Apple watch: Ensure your iPhone (running iOS 16 or higher) is paired to your Apple Watch and share your Apple Health data with LumiHealth. LumiHealth works best with Apple Watch Series 3 or later.