Bearbricks & Big Bucks: Are Designer Art Toys A Good Investment?

Explore the allure of Bearbricks as both art pieces & potential investments. Dive into the world of designer toys & their place in modern collectibles.

Bearbricks & Big Bucks

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Designer toys, also known as art toys, have emerged as an intriguing intersection of pop culture, contemporary art, and investments. These collectibles are crafted with intricate designs and often released in limited quantities, making them highly sought after by collectors and investors alike.

Some examples of art toys include KAWS, the Dunny series by Kidrobot, POP MART, and Bearbricks. In fact, Bearbricks have made waves in Singapore during one of the largest S$2 billion money laundering probes where cars, cash, and collectibles have been seized. Amongst these collectibles brought away by the police were 60 Bearbrick figurines.

The question remains on many of our minds: Are Bearbricks worth the price and are they a good investment?

What Are Bearbricks

Bearbricks are known for their distinct bear-like form that can be customised with a wide range of designs, patterns, and materials through collaborations with artists, designers, and brands.

These tubby figurines come in four sizes: 50% (3.5cm), 100% (7cm), 400% (28cm), and 1000% (70cm).

One of the key factors driving Bearbrick’s popularity among collectors is that there are usually two drops per year and its limited edition releases in collaboration with famous artists, designers, or brands. This creates scarcity, which is often a critical element in determining the value of collectables.

For instance, the Chanel (Coco Chanel 1000%) Bearbrick, designed by the late creative director of Chanel Karl Lagerfeld, was sold for a whopping US$30,000 at an auction in 2019. Only 1,000 of these Bearbricks were ever made – you can imagine how hard and rare it is to get your hands on them!

Are Bearbricks A Good Investment

First things first, there are no investments that are absolutely “the best”, especially collectibles like Bearbrick, which are known as alternative investments.

However, some collectors view Bearbricks as a good investment. The idea is to buy them at retail prices and potentially sell them later at a profit when their value appreciates in the secondary market.

1000% BEARBRICKS are typically acquired as collectible statues, while 400% BEARBRICKS are the second most popular size among collectors.

Indeed, the surge in blockchain popularity in recent years underscores the immense influence of hype.

While one could contend that a digital file possesses no inherent value, this hasn’t prevented NFTs from fetching exorbitant prices. The concept of art is, after all, defined by the perception of a significant number of people. if a large group considers something to be art, its status as art is affirmed.

However, it’s still essential to approach investing in Bearbricks with caution. Here’s how:

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1. Build Up Your Bearbricks Expertise

Successful Bearbrick investors often have a deep understanding of the toy’s exclusive releases and market trends.

Keep a close watch on release dates, editions, and the number of pieces available to gauge the potential value. This includes monitoring auction results, online marketplaces, and collector’s forums to understand the demand and price fluctuations.

2. Ensure Its Authenticity

Next, authenticity is crucial in establishing the collectible’s value. You definitely wouldn’t want to fork out your hard-earned cash and end up with a counterfeit product.

The best way is to buy your Bearbrick from an authorised dealer. But where can you buy Bearbricks in Singapore? Action City, located in Takashimaya, Bugis Junction, Vivocity, Marina Bay Sands and Jewel Changi, is the main dealer of Bearbricks in Singapore.

On the hunt for more coveted pieces? It’s better to try your luck on online marketplaces and secondary market such as eBay where there are sellers letting go of their rare art toys. But this is where you have to be more careful and ensure you’re buying a genuine Bearbrick.

3. Proper Storage & Maintenance

Lastly, Bearbricks should be stored in proper conditions to maintain their value. Exposure to sunlight, humidity, or damage can reduce their worth.

If you plan on maximising your investment, resold Bearbricks typically fetch the highest price when the cardboard box is intact, stating the sequence in which it was manufactured.

But, be prepared to keep your art toy for a long period. Your investment may not yield quick returns and the appreciation can take years.

Bearbricks: From Plaything To Portfolio

Bearbricks are undeniably fascinating, embodying a unique blend of artistic expression and pop culture, capturing the hearts of collectors globally. The intrinsic value of these artistic figures lies not just in the monetary terms but also in the emotional and aesthetic appeal they offer.

However, like any other form of investment, potential Bearbrick investors should tread with caution. The market for these collectibles can be unpredictable, influenced by trends, the rarity of the pieces, and the ever-changing dynamics of pop culture and art. As such, they should be considered only as part of a diversified investment portfolio rather than a primary investment avenue.

In the grand scheme of things, investing in Bearbricks is also about being part of a worldwide community of enthusiasts who appreciate the convergence of art, culture, and collectibility.