5 perks you can get just because you're Singaporean

5 perks you can get just because you're Singaporean

5 perks you can get just because you're Singaporean

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As Singapore celebrates its 58th birthday, it’s time to reflect on the unique opportunities and benefits that come with being a citizen of this vibrant city-state. From education to fitness, Singapore offers a plethora of perks that are exclusively available to its citizens. Here’s a look at five of these incredible benefits:

1. Udemy Business

Singapore’s commitment to lifelong learning is evident in its partnership with Udemy Business, an online learning platform that offers thousands of courses on essential soft skills and technical topics. If you have access to a National Library account, you can tap into these courses for free! Whether you’re looking to enhance your professional skills or explore a new hobby, Udemy’s extensive catalog provides an additional platform to upskill yourself.

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2. TechSkills Accelerator (TeSA)

In a world where technology is ever-evolving, Singapore ensures its citizens stay ahead of the curve through the TechSkills Accelerator (TeSA) program. Driven by the IMDA and in collaboration with SkillsFuture Singapore, Workforce Singapore, and the National Trades Union Congress, TeSA helps Singaporeans gain in-demand tech skills in areas such as software engineering, AI, data analytics, cybersecurity, and network & infrastructure. What’s more, participants receive a full-time salary while learning these valuable skills.

For instance, AI Singapore has introduced the AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP), a remarkable initiative designed specifically to cultivate AI talent within the nation. The purpose of AIAP goes beyond mere training; it’s about nurturing the next generation of AI professionals who will drive innovation and growth. If your application to this program is successful, you will not only receive comprehensive training in the AI field but also enjoy a stipend ranging from $3,500 to $5,500. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to get yourself upskilled in one of the most promising and dynamic fields of the modern era, all while receiving financial support to fuel your journey.

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3. LumiHealth / National Steps Challenge

Health and wellness are at the forefront of Singapore’s national agenda. Through initiatives like LumiHealth and the National Steps Challenge, Singaporeans are incentivized to lead an active lifestyle. By participating in these programs, you can get paid to stay fit and healthy. It’s a win-win situation that promotes well-being while rewarding you for your efforts.

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4. SkillsFuture Credit

SkillsFuture is more than just a program; it’s a national movement aimed at empowering Singaporeans to reach their fullest potential, regardless of their starting points in life. All Singaporeans receive a one-time top-up of $500 credit when they turn 25. These credits can be used to pay for any upskilling course listed on the SkillsFuture website, covering a wide array of categories. It’s an investment in your future, providing you with the tools to grow and succeed in your chosen field.

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5. MOVE IT Programme

Fitness enthusiasts, rejoice! The MOVE IT Programme offers a wide range of fitness classes, from HIIT to Yoga, all for free. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, these classes provide an opportunity to stay active and healthy without breaking the bank.You can sing up for all these classes via the Healthy 365 app.

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Singapore’s 58th birthday is not just a celebration of its past achievements but also a testament to its commitment to the well-being and growth of its citizens. These five perks are just a glimpse of the many ways Singapore supports and enriches the lives of its people. So, if you’re a Singaporean, take pride in these exclusive benefits and make the most of them. Happy birthday, Singapore!